Gettin' Kinda Hectic

1970's. Christian and Johannes Zinzendorf, born as Michael Colby and Donald Graves, bought 63 acres for $63,000 in Pitman, a tiny community in rural Pennsylvania. They began to renovate cabins on the property, and bring other old structure to the property to rebuild.

Unfortunately, no one came, for this could have been an amazing lifestyle for gay men who wanted to be part of the counterculture.

Fast forward 40-some years, and we have coronavirus, lockdowns, the ruin of small business, and the threat of mass forced vaccination with unproven substances, and the idea of living a somewhat boring rural life with a bunch of guys might not sound so bad.

Are there any communities currently for gay men? A search in the directory produces quite a few results:

Are we paying attention? No answers here because of the lack of a crystal ball.. but can we think of some alternatives to just going along witih same old same old?

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