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The internet allows us to listen to music/bands from all over the world. It's (from my point of view) very interesting to comb through youtube for them. An other aspect in this listing was: They use their native language. Glad to see your re-posts ..

Dank des Internets gibt es heute die Möglichkeit, Musik oder Bands aus der ganzen Welt zu hören. Es ist (zumindest meiner Ansicht nach) äußerst interessant, auf youtube nach solchen zu stöbern. Ein weiterer Aspekt bei dieser Liste war, dass die BAnds ihre Muttersprache benutzen. Freue mich auf Eure Fortsetzung ...

France / Frankreich
Venin - "Trafiquant de rock"

Sidilarsen - "Comme on vibre"

Slovenia / Slowenien
Siddharta - "Jaz"

Hungary / Ungarn
Hooligans - "Illúzió"

Mongolia / Mongolei
The HU - "Yuve yuve yu"

Austria / Österreich
Pizzera & Jaus - "Hooligans"


Also, warum nicht englisch? Hier ein kleines Beispiel: Selbe Band, selber Song, selber Clip:
So, why not in english? Let's show you an example: Same Band, same song, same clip:

Siddharta - "My Dice" (english post-produced version)

Siddharta - "Ring" (slovene 'original' - as far as i know, the lyrics and their meanings are very different)
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I am obsessed with this Japanese band, they are called 羊文学 (or the Romanisation is Hitsujibungaku)

They have many excellent songs, but this is the one that got me hooked immediately.
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This is what i think is the best Norwegian language rock song ever made, mainly because of the guitar-riff. The lyrics repeats the phrase, "I would just like to say one thing, my young girl, I will never be your slave". And there are some very moody lines to emphasize this point. Combined with the perfect guitar, they get this great result. The song is not new, but all Norwegians who were musically aware in the nineties know it. In fact, almost all Norwegians know it. The band is considered one of
the best Norwegian rock groups of all time. They do have other great song, but none at this level.

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This is the second best Norwegian rock song I have ever heard. The band is completely unknown, but the bass and the guitar are perfectly matched, and the lyrics are very funny. I think i saw the band when I was a student in the nineties at some local pub in my home town.
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There is a tradition of satirical rock in Norway. This is a band that combines a sort of political satire with a black sabbath sound. The title of the song translates: "there are internal problems in the conservative party"
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There are some great punk related bands in Norway. The best ones are Raga Rockers, Jokke og Valentinerne and Kjøtt but a lot their reputation is built on fantastic lyrics. This goes for a less upbeat band like DeLilllos as well, even for CC Cowboys, another one of the best known rock bands. Raga Rockers almost reaches a sort of anarchistic poetic level at times. You might be less impressed by their tunes.

However, there is a Polish man who sings in Norwegian dialect. His best song is just great. It is not punk, but I really like it. This is my last post for now :)
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This should be mentioned (sorry). It is also an almost a perfect song. By CC Cowboys. It is about a man who is so stricken by the sexual appeal of some woman that he becomes afraid. The title of the song translates as " You are my tiger-boy". The rhythmic guitar and the vocals underline this sexual energy. But the lyrics never cross the line of any decency. It is all in good taste.